Monday, January 08, 2007

Internet Games and the 2008 Presidential Race

Okay, here's the official site for John Edwards ( It's the only site that matters in this story. Note that if you have a link to One America Committee that John Edwards has been using for two years, it automatically takes you to the official John Edwards site and all the good stuff Edwards and his people have been building are all there; we're just talking about a name change.

The Huffington Post notes that if you try you get redirected to Hillary Clinton's website. I have no idea if this is a cute game being played by Hillary's people or whether some Republican out there is trying to play games with the Democrats. We'll soon know (I typed it separately on my url window and got

I noticed that there's yet another site with a slightly different url that takes you to an advertising site, including some John Edwards links. These kind of sites are all over the internet; they depend on people being confused about a person or about a former website whose url they took over when the website was discontinued. To many people, it comes across as a scam.

Once again, here's John Edwards official site (

For the next two years, be patient. Many people think it's cute to play games these days.

Note: Don't be surprised if the false John Edwards sites get fixed by the time you read this. But I plan to keep the story up. It pays to be aware of where the url takes you.

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