Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Voters Have Spoken and George W. Bush Will Have to Listen

Wow, I feel like I worked 24 hours yesterday! It was worth it! The Democrats won and maybe our democracy has a new lease on life, if, as Ben Franklin said, we can keep it. Americans from all over the land came together last night to send a messsage to George W. Bush: whoa, just one doggone moment, hang on there, where ya with going with our constitution? The voters have pulled the nation from the brink.

Here's a post from S.W. Anderson of Oh!pinion who summarizes the situation rather well:
Suspension of political disbelief hit a wall Tuesday, and the wall won. The same electorate that so generously bestowed benefit of the doubt on President Bush and the Republicans two years ago called all of it back.

It’s a bit early to tell for sure, but three decades of neoconservative control of the Republican Party and dominance in American politics might be over with.

Why the change in public willingness to believe what Bush and the Republicans told them, in complete disregard of facts and experience?

Simply put, Republican performance and results got so bad, their dishonesty and arrogance became so blatant, that a busy, distracted, none too politically involved public could no longer ignore what was going on. When people tuned in, they saw incompetence, bungling, failure, corruption and that they were being routinely lied to.

S.W. has more to say, so give him a read. I'll have more to say as soon I stop reading and relishing dozens of blogs and articles! I've been working for four years to stop the Bush juggernaut. It's good that the nation finally stopped the nonsense. We're too great a democracy to be forgetting our values.


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