Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Economy Continues to Sink While Republicans Play Games

As usual, Washington Republicans and their friends in the media are sitting on their well-financed posteriors playing games and otherwise doing nothing as the economy continues to tank. Some experts say another 2 million jobs may be lost this year thanks to the Bush economic meltdown.

Here's just one example courtesy of Think Progress:
Scarborough, Brzezinski, and other regular Morning Joe contributors have made similarly flawed arguments in recent days:
Brzezinski: “I’m confused as to why we’re being tricked into thinking this is a stimulus bill, when it’s packed with welfare programs.”

Pat Buchanan: “This is just a big Democratic bill with all this pork and slop.”

Jim Cramer: “I have it maybe that there’s 142 people really will get a job.”

Dylan Ratigan: “[T]he Democrats would do themselves a tremendous favor to not put spending programs in when we’re dealing with a stimulus bill.”

Scarborough: “This is a streaming pile of garbage.”

This group of do nothing Republicans suggests more tax cuts. Brilliant. Being rich Republicans themselves, they will benefit from their own suggestion. Like other rich Republicans, they'll buy their clothes from Asia, their yachts and luxury cars from Europe and their diamonds from Africa and that will do nothing for the American economy. Years of economic neglect by Republicans has done enormous damage to the American economy. One might almost call them right wing anarchists since they are more interested in mayhem than they are in the future of the United States as a people.

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