Thursday, September 25, 2008

McCain: "It's All About Me!"

The erratic Senator John McCain, who is losing in the polls, panicked as he realized just how unprepared to be president his vice presidential choice is. So he lies to David Letterman about rushing to Washington so he can talk about the bailout (er, the campaign) on the networks while claiming he has suspended his campaign. 

Here's the bottom line:

1) McCain voted with Bush about 95% of the time.

2) His Republicans friends voted with Bush 95% of the time.

3) Bush's popularity is around 19-30%. His poll numbers stink.

4) Bush has zero credibility. Bernanke and Paulson have slightly more credibility and claim the country is in financial hot water that requires a bailout.

5) Democrats are skeptical but the stock markets are dropping so they tell Bush to send a bill.

6) Bush sends 2.5 pages of crap.

7) Democrats say no deal unless certain provisions and protections are put in.

8) The White House balks, then suddenly starts compromising and lets the Democrats write the bill.

9) McCain, who hasn't worked on a bill in months and doesn't know much about the economy, suddenly decides he's Queen of the Ball, and says stop everything and rushes to Washington. Sort of. Except the bill is just about done when McCain shows up for a photo op.

10) Meanwhile, other Republicans throw in a bunch of proposals that are bullshit and obviously intended to gum up the works.

11) The Republicans, after eight years of licking Bush's boots suddenly reject him just weeks before an election when their numbers are not so hot. (McCain has been licking Bush's boots for four years; he campaigned for him in 2004, supported the war in 2002, etc., etc.)

12) Washington Mutual fails and is taken over.  The Democrats are pissed. They're trying to act responsibly by protecting Main Street even if this means a distasteful bailout of Wall Street and the Republican leadership has been taken over by crooks and con men and Governor Palin and these useless people are trying to play games.

Suggestion: The Republicans caused the current crisis through too much deregulation and too much looking the other way while Wall Street and lobbyists like Jack Abramoff have been ripping off the taxpayers. Send the Republicans home so they can stop obstructing the Democrats. The Democrats aren't perfect but they didn't strut like fools and create the mess in the first place. 

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