Friday, September 11, 2009

Return to Friday Night Poetry

I haven't done a Friday night poetry posting in some time. I found a poem on the Internet by a Nigerian poet name Ekene Atusiubah. His poem is called "Hercule's Evolution — The Return to the Sacred." It's a long poem so I'm only going to quote the first few lines:

—Home sickness
my present pain
how ill I have become
how home sick
itching for your sea-blue smiles
I remember the silky texture of your flaming white cloak
I thirst now for your fresh milk dear Mother.
I see you now in my inner eye,
peeling melon seeds, boiling yams, chopping
vegetables, slicing meats, mixing spices, painting the moon...

For the full poem, go to Lucis Trust or In the Tracks of Hercules. I'm slowly becoming aware that the Internet makes poetry possible in many areas of the world. Readers and poets seem to be finding one another.

Note: Nigeria has some 511 languages but English is considered the official language, particularly in government, most schools and business. I couldn't find the specific information, but I get the impression most educated people in Nigeria know at least two languages.



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